Saturday, August 12, 2006

"New" Tour Days 21 to 23 : Ottawa, Ontario

Saturday Aug 12: Ottawa, OntarioTo Exporail for their 10 am opening after breakfast at Harvey's. This world-class (and I don't use the term lightly) museum is home to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association. " The Canadian Railway Museum at Delson/Saint-Constant offers its public a unique opportunity to see and experience life in the railway world. In fact, visitors can see not only trains, streetcars and all their related infrastructures, but also use these various modes of transportation right on the Museum grounds. The garden train operates daily on the site while the observation streetcar, nicknamed the Golden Chariot, runs when the weather permits. And every Sunday, a passenger train takes visitors for a short trip up to Montée des Bouleaux."
Easily navigated out of Montreal to Ottawa where we will stay for 4 nights.

Friday Aug 11: Rimouski, Quebec
A long day on the road - clocked 616 km. Some heavy traffic and roadworks along the way. Interesting Quebec villages and much more farming than we've seen in a while. We are amazed at the number of folk still hitch-hiking in this part of the world.

Thursday Aug 10: Montreal, Quebec
Toured the Acadian Peninsula in the rain. I have very fond memories of travels to Shippagan, Lameque and Miscou with my family as a child. It is much more built-up than when I was a kid and I couldn't help but think of that old adage, "you can never go back". We enjoyed watching herons, sandpipers and a kingfisher feeding along the shore. The harbours are picturesque and it was interesting to watch fishermen unload their catch and pack it in ice. We picked up the fixings for lunch at the COOP and headed to the lighthouse on Miscou Island for a picnic.
Drove westward and up into Quebec. More spectacular scenery including a glorious sunset reflected in the St Lawrence River at Rimouski where we stayed the night.

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