Wednesday, August 23, 2006

City of Ottawa gets smart

During the Ottawa to Toronto leg of the clubsmartcar cross-Canada relay, we spotted this City of Ottawa by-law services smart car. From the city's website listed under environmental tips for residents: Choose the right size vehicle
Do you need a big truck or a mid-sized truck? Do you need a truck at all? Do you need a four-seat vehicle when only one person ever uses the vehicle? These are the simple questions you should ask yourself to ensure you are using the right size of vehicle. You may find that you will save yourself money in fuel costs and still get the job done, while cutting emissions considerably.
Take for example the Smart Car purchased for By-law Services at the City of Ottawa. It is a two-seater that is used by one person. No need for back seats. Just one Smart Car will save the City $1,000 a year in fuel and result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by two to three tonnes per year.

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