Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Looking 'Smart' and turning heads

Julie Folk, Leader-Post Published: Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Garry Stearns' vision of groups of Smart ForTwo cars travelling together down Canadian highways has turned into an organized relay -- and has turned a lot of heads.
As a baton is passed from province to province, so is information about the Smart car, dispelling myths and ideas people have about the little two-seater.
"It takes five minutes to fill the car, but 25 minutes to get away from the pump," Stearns, the relay organizer, said about the questions he fields from curious onlookers. "The interest this relay has caused is phenomenal."
According to Moose Jaw's Kristian Sjoberg -- the provincial captain for the relay -- not many Saskatchewan people know about the Mercedes-Benz car or the relay, which drove into Regina on Monday night.
"It feels like you're driving some sort of Lamborghini Countach or something (rare), because every time you drive down the street, everybody stares," Sjoberg said after finishing a pancake breakfast held at the RCMP Depot campground in Regina on Tuesday morning.
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