Sunday, June 04, 2006

DaimlerChrysler's Zetsche Upbeat On Smart Car For U.S.

Chris Noon, 06.01.06, 11:41 AM ET - London
The Smart car fits in well in Europe. Well, if you're 250 centimeters long, you fit in well pretty much anywhere. The Lilliputian roadster that can seat two people and a crate of beer may look agreeable parked up on Rome's baroque piazze and Paris' boulevards--maybe with a wing-mirror or two missing--yet DaimlerChrysler is now interested in bringing the mini "metrosexual" car to a country where size has always mattered : the SUV-obsessed U.S. Though the 8-foot 2-inch Smart car will certainly look strange on the U.S.' beach-sized highways and fare poorly on the rugged terrain of Uncle Sam's more mountainous areas, it could definitely catch on in Boston, Chicago, New York and Miami Beach. DaimlerChrysler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche said Wednesday night that the chances of introducing the Smart in the U.S. were "good".

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Smartcar Owner said...

the good thing is ull see alot of smartcars soon in the US, and that will help the environment, and now theres a alternative from that toyota prius!!!

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