Sunday, February 26, 2006

'Smart Cars' Make Their Debut In Loveland

By Mike Hooker(CBS4) LOVELAND, Colo.
A popular European car made its way to Loveland, making it the third city in the United States to have them. [According to this site's video clip they are also being sold in St. Louis & Phoenix.] The owner of Mountain View Motors is hoping that Colorado drivers will choose the "Smart Car" for its looks and gas mileage.The cars are called smart cars because they are small, fuel efficient, and easy to park. The back of the car has a little bit of storage space and the cover to the engine."It has an amazing amount of power," said Bob Hunt, owner of Mountain View Motors. "We've heard reports that people are getting 60 miles per hour pretty regularly."On some of the models, the roofs are glass making it easy to see through."They're cute," said a potential buyer. "It's just a new way of looking at transportation."Hunt's new batch of cars are only demo. He bought them in Europe and had them slightly modified to be legal in the U.S. The engine in the smart car is a 3-cylinder with a turbo charger to give it more power. Each car will cost about $25,000.

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Note: there is no mention of ZAP! in the article.

Mountain View Motors
2400 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
T: 970-663-2200
F: 970-663-1438

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