Monday, February 27, 2006

Five fine show tuners: Brabus Smart Canada 1

Photo by Rupert Lloyd Thomas

By Peter Bleakney
Toronto Star Sat, Feb 25

Okay. So this car isn't a Sport Compact Revolution, built I couldn't leave it off my list because it's just so darned cute.
The Canada 1 Concept is a one-off prototype that Mercedes-Benz has brought to the show to gauge public reaction.
This fortwo Cabrio has been lightly breathed upon by the German tuning firm Brabus and was created specifically for the Canadian market, eh.
It features 15-inch Brabus wheels, a bespoke body kit, colour-keyed exterior and interior trim and custom quilted seats with red stitching. There are no mechanical modifications.
If M-B sees enough interest they'll run off a batch of 10 to 40 Brabus Smarts and ship them over.
Here's the rub. The Mercedes rep told me the car will come in at about 40,000 loonies, which sounds a bit loony to me.
In fact, I wouldn't feel very smart at all telling my friends I paid 15 grand for an appearance package. But I still want one.

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