Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smart Cars for the Olympics?

One of the highlights of [Innovation Norway - a conference focusing on Norwegian-Chinese cooperation held in Langesund, October 2005] was the launch of the Zero Emission Smart Car, a product of Miljøbil Grenland and Electrovaya of Canada. This is a significant advance over electric vehicles currently available in Europe and Asia, and the companies have high hopes for the car to become a regular feature of cityscapes from Oslo to Shanghai.
Key to the Smart Car’s success will be superior battery power. New powering technology gives the Smart Car triple the range of traditional electric vehicles, and this, according to Miljøbil Grenland’s Oddbjorn Solum, “is the breakthrough technology necessary to introduce zero-emission vehicles into Norway, Scandinavia and China.” Miljøbil Grenland is currently engaged in the commercialization phase of development, and has set a goal of offering this car to the Olympics that are to take place in Beijing in 2008.

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Photos taken at the CIAS, Feb 2006 by Brian Spencer,with kind permission.

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