Saturday, July 16, 2005

Standing on a Corner

Stayed last night in Gallup, New Mexico at a 2 month old KOA with teething pains. Breakfast at Earl's, a long time Route 66 eatery, was excellent. The local native people have craft stalls set up outside and some come in to tempt buyers with their wares: jewellery, pottery, leather and beadwork. I'd much rather buy from these craftspeople than at some roadside curio shop. We happily answered their questions about the smart car.

Have driven through the Petrified Forest National Park which is a “must see”.
National Park Service brochure:

"Fossil remains of a 225-million-year-old floodplain, forest and its inhabitants lie scattered across northeastern Arizona. Today, fossils provide the clues that allow us a glimpse into the past. The Late Triassic was a time when crocodile-like reptiles, giant fish-eating amphibians, and some of the first dinosaurs roamed along a landscape of ferns cycads, conifers and other tropical plants. This now dry tableland seems inhospitable for human, yet archaeological artifacts indicate that resourceful people have in habited the area for 10,000 years."

Words can’t do this national treasure justice. You could easily spend the day here but being on a road trip we made the best of photo ops and oohed and aahed at the fabulous landscape.

Now in Winslow, Arizona made famous by the Eagle’s song: Take it Easy. Going to find "corner park" and take photos.

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