Monday, July 18, 2005

Road Food

Montezuma's revenge, Delhi Belly, any name a traveller's worst fear. Eating properly when you're travelling takes real effort especially when you are tired and out of familiar territory. A combination of high altitude, hot temperatures and road food can conspire against you so obey your body's warning signs.

Road Food Survival Tips:

1. Choose salad, pasta and/or rice over "fries with that".
2. Avoid cheese smothered entrees and snacks.
3. Stay away from "veggie free zone" restaurants.
4. Cross all-you-can-eat places off of your list.
5. Share a dessert.
6. Cut down on caffiene, carbonated drinks and alcohol.
7. Unsweetened ice tea is very refreshing.
8. Never be without bottled water.
9. Trying local delicacies can be fun but be careful. Think twice about chilies for breakfast if
you' re not used to it.
10. Fruit and veggies are out there if you look carefully. You can always pick some up at a farmer's market or grocery store. Dried fruit and nuts travel well too.

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