Thursday, July 21, 2005

California Here I Come!

Before we set out on our smart car odyssey, there were two nagging doubts. How would Trudi manage the Mohave desert and how would we cope with big cities like Chicago, St. Louis and L.A.? We had been reading about the old days when drivers tied canvas water bags to their cars prior to crossing the desert. Today there are frequent call boxes and service areas so we felt reassured. We noticed that the temperature gauge went up a notch when we were travelling up hill through the Mohave but would go back down on our descent. The amazing scenery that changed frequently distracted us and we arrived in Pomona where we stayed at the Lemon Tree Motel, without incident.

The following day we visited the NHRA museum which was a real treat. A fabulous collection of hot rods and drag racers wonderfully displayed. The friendly lady at the desk insisted in coming out front to photograph us with Trudi at the museum entrance.

Other than traffic volume, we had no problems driving through Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to the Pacific Ocean. It seemed quite anticlimactic as there was very little Route 66 content on the final miles of the mother road. We set off north on the Pacific Coast Highway for the second leg of our triangular journey.

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