Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bradbury Bishop Deli - Webb City, Missouri

Meremac Caverns

This building at 201 N Main was a bank built in 1887. Mr C. S. Bradbury bought it in 1916 and opened the Electric Company. In 1916 he build a wooden soda fountain that relied on regular deliveries of ice blocks as it had no refridgeration. It was renamed the Bradbury co in 1931 and in 1939 Bradbury took on his son-in-law Harry Bishop as a partner. Shortly after Bradbury retired in 1945, Bishop upgraded to a stainless steel soda fountain. Bishop died in 1987 and the store has been a deli since 1988.

We had a wonderful sandwich lunch listening to Buddy Holly and taking in the 50's memorobilia. We struck up a conversation with Dick - a real car nut - who has one of the few remaining Ford Talledega cars.

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rita lundstrum said...

bradbury bishop is one of my favorite spots in Missouri. Tried to go their whenever we travelled to Joplin to visit Gr. Marie. She showed us the place and I still wear my T-shirt that I got around 1990. Hope I can go back someday on a road trip!