Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smart car dealership site approved

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut — Plans to open one of the nation's first Smart car dealerships at 80 Commerce Drive were approved Thursday afternoon by the town's Zoning Board of Appeals.
The Smart car, now sold in 36 countries, would be the shortest car on the American market and gets 40-plus miles per gallon, according to Ken Kettenbeil, a spokesman for Smart USA.
Peter Penczer, chairman of the town's Economic Development Commission, said he thinks the upcoming Smart dealership is a positive addition to Commerce Drive, where a lot of new commercial developments are planned.
The town's third railroad station, surrounded by a large commercial complex, will be built up the street in a few years.
"It's a very interesting car. I've seen it in Europe and found it personally quite interesting," Penczer said of the tiny vehicles.
Smart USA, based in Detroit, plans to open 75 dealerships in America early next year and two are in Connecticut. The company, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, plans next month to formally announce the locations of its dealerships, according to Kettenbeil.

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