Sunday, June 24, 2007

One Smart way to cross Canada

Road trips from coast to coast – 6,000 km by microcar, and a motorcycle marathon
John LeBlanc
Special to the Star
Jun 22, 2007
When you read this, I'll be well on my way to crossing Canada in a Smart car. I hope.
The consensus with most of my friends and family about the idea of driving the micro car across our macro country, from Halifax to Vancouver, was: "You're nuts!"
"Why not take one of those hundred grand German luxobarges or tricked-out sports cars you're always bringing home and taunting us with?"
"For gawdsakes man, at least drive something that resembles a real car!"
Even more sympathy was garnered when I mentioned my co-pilot and navigator was to be my 14-going-on-24-year-old daughter, Olivia.
(I'll have eight provinces and about 6,000 kilometres elbow-to-elbow in the Smart to sway her current opinion that I am ruining what little of the summer she has off.)
The thinking was that with fuel prices what they are today, most folks are tightening their belts when it comes to planning summer driving holidays. This Smart driving quest would be an extreme example of making do with less.
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