Friday, June 15, 2007

The Rebellious future of car design?

Have you ever wondered about the future of the automobile? I mean, really wondered…
By Christopher Hubbard
Well a group of former Coventry University students certain have. Kazunori Inomota, Edward Stubbs, and Mujammil Khan-Muztar are three recent graduates from the Automotive Design program.
Finding themselves at the end of their course and unemployed they sensibly decided that enterprise was the best solution, and have set about an independent project with gusto. The concept sounds deceptively simple: ‘a future iconic vehicle for the year 2020’. But the execution is excellent, because as a contemporary member of the future target market I can see exactly where they’re coming from – and where they think cars are going, too, sensible science fact rather than science fiction.
Called the Rebel, the design specifically targets a youth audience, reflecting current obsessions with social networking, ‘lifestyle’ products, customisation and technology. Think Mini, iPod, and myspace, and you’ll get the idea. The exterior isn’t all that radical – ‘chunkiness without aggression’ is its mantra, and the urban environment its intended home – but the clever bits are on the inside. Ignore the collapsible seats and interior bedding – here used to position the Rebel as secondary or alternative living space – we’ve seen these before. What’s new is the ‘plug and play’ power grid in the passenger area, which allows personalisation potential way beyond the wildest dreams of any existing manufacturer options catalogue.
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