Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Obvio 012 - 100% Electric

Zap! is exclusive North American Distributor of this vehicle manu- factured in Brazil.
OBVIO ! fufills the needs of drivers who think ahead. The 012E model is a high performance electric microsport car with seats for three passengers. With this innovative and creative design from Brazil, you won't need gas at all. Just plug it into a conventional outlet and you're ready to go!
Electric Propulsion Drive System: 120 kW, 220 Nm, 13,000 rpm Regenerative braking
Battery: Li Ion, 39 kWh, 580 lb
Charger: Onboard, plug in anywhere, up to 20 kW
Vehicle to grid (V2G): Bi-directional grid interface

For more go to Obvio! & Zap!

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