Friday, December 08, 2006

Britain gets first on-street electric car chargers

Britain's first on-street charging points for electric cars were unveiled in central London as part of a wider bid to encourage drivers to ditch gas-guzzling vehicles.
The City of Westminster, which has the highest levels of air pollution in the kingdom, launched the power points in Wellington Street and Southampton Street in the Covent Garden entertainment district.
Electric cars are exempt from London's congestion charge, which costs drivers of other vehicles eight pounds (16 dollars, 12 euros) per day to enter the city centre.
"Putting free charging points on the street where people need them most is a simple concept which we hope will help galvanise broader appeal for electric car use," said councillor Alan Bradley.
"There have been technical hurdles to overcome, but we're confident the future lies in offering alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles.
"Electric cars are ideally suited to city driving and we hope in years to come we will see more and more people using them to travel around the City of London.
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