Friday, December 15, 2006

Forfour has new lease of life as a smarter hybrid

A British-built diesel-electric hybrid prototype has been shown to government ministers in London this week.
The Zytek demo vehicle, based on the Smart Forfour 1.5 CDI, meets the government's Ultra-Low Carbon Car Challenge, emitting just 85g/km of carbon dioxide, well under the ULCCC target of 100g/km, and with a combined fuel economy of around 88mpg.
Zytek has been supported by the Energy Savings Trust, part of a £5m government-funded initiative to develop low-carbon vehicles. The ULCCC criteria state that eligible cars must be production-feasible within eight years, and be priced at commercially-feasible levels, as well as retaining all the space, safety equipment and expected features of their 'normal' equivalents.
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