Tuesday, September 12, 2006

VIDEO: Smart vs. Ferrari

Source: www.autoblog.com
Posted Sep 8th 2006 3:25PM by Damon Lavrinc
Peter Bee found the 60-ish horses available from his ForTwo inadequate for his daily duties (no, we have no idea what his duties entail) and sought the help of the British firm Z Cars to add a little boost to his compact commuter. Z Cars are the blokes that have the dastardly tendency of throwing R1 motors into classic Minis and they graciously accepted the challenge that Mr. Bee laid down. The result is a ForTwo equipped with a 180-hp GSXR1000 motor that can run the 1320 in 12.4 and reaches 60 in a few shakes above 4 seconds. What do you do with that kind of forward progression? Naturally you meet up with a Ferrari F430 and challenge it to a drag.

Go here to watch video of tuner smart car "Diablo" vs a Ferrari

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