Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ask Dr Z ? Not in Canada. Dreadful pity.

Is it Doctor Zee or Doctor Zed? Doesn't matter how you say it - he only takes questions from Americans. I visited the site and attempted to send a message but found when I tried to enter my address there is a pull down menu for "state" but not one for country.
You can watch the five commercials featuring DCX chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche and read "recent questions" but not ask anything unless you phreak it by entering a state and corresponding zip code.
The ad campaign launched July first of this year has been suspended as of September first.

Chrysler suspends Dr. Z ads; return in works Company will debut ten new vehicles as it braces for a $600 million third-quarter loss.
Josee Valcourt / The Detroit News
The mustachioed German pitchman that graced television screens as part of a two-month, $100 million Chrysler advertising campaign has been muted -- for now.
The Chrysler Group on Thursday suspended its Ask Dr. Z television and radio spots starring DaimlerChrysler AG Chairman Dieter Zetsche as it prepares to roll out new zero-percent financing offers for 72 months today.
The automaker is examining phase two of the brand-building Dr. Z campaign.
Well known in Detroit, Zetsche was introduced to the nation this summer in ads to tout to buyers that its cars and trucks have the best of American and German design and engineering.
The ads, which started airing July 1, generated plenty of discussion, both from those who liked the quirky commercials and critics who said they were ineffective or ill-conceived.
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