Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chuggabug Tour Day 5: Kansas City, KS to Joplin, MO

Heading south of Kansas City, KS, we find small towns in various stages of dereliction. At Fort Scott we briefly tour the historic site that gives the town its name. Established in 1842, the fort has successively served many roles in early settlement, the Civil War and railroad development.We sit at the counter of the Nu Grille where short order cooks are going full out to cater to the Sunday brunch crowd. One guy looks up and quips: "You guys are still sharing pie? I haven't done that since High School."  I suggested he find someone to share pie with;  he might enjoy it. Our waitress adds: "We tell him that all the time."  Back on the "Mother Road" at Galena, KS, we have lunch at "Cars on Route 66" in the converted Kan-O-Tex service station. Trudi has her photo taken with Tow Mater and friend, stars of the movie "Cars."

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