Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chuggabug Tour Day 1: Toronto to Indianapolis, IN

Leaving home at 5:40 am payed off as we blast out of the GTA and breakfast at the TA truckstop just outside Woodstock, ON, about 7:15 am. We cross the Ambassador Bridge, paying the $4.75 toll, and waste no time getting away from Detroit, travelling south to Toledo, OH.  The region has become known as the rust belt but Ford Mustangs, La-Z-Boy furniture and Jeeps are still made locally. The weather is on our side and we opt to take state highways rather than the interstate from Fort Wayne, IN, to Indianapolis, IN, stopping at the farmer's market in Huntington, IN, (pictured here) to pick up some fresh fruit and home-made goodies. Sandwich at Starbucks on arrival.

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