Saturday, January 30, 2010

Car cram world record at Mall

By Danielle Nicastri
AUSTRALIAN and New Zealand rivalry was on display inside a two-seater smart car at Warringah Mall on Monday.
A group of Aussies broke the Guinness World Record held by the Kiwis with 16 when they squashed 18 inside the car for an upcoming Channel Seven TV series.
The feat involved hours of strategic planning and sleepless nights for two coaches, one of them Sarah Josephsen who also participated.
``It is like tetris, everyone is excited,’’ she said. The group comprised men and women from 19 years to late 30s from a St Leonards rock climbing centre and gym. ``We got all the bendiest and smallest people we could find over five foot and 18 years,’’ Sara said.
``We had five at the back and 13 in the front. it’s just a matter of getting it all together on the day. Having Guinness medals around our necks and being on television were huge selling points and it’s something to show your grandchildren one day,’’ she said.
Source: The Manly Daily

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