Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smart Fortwo ED: It’s a total shock – I love it

To her surprise,Vicki Butler-Henderson gets a huge buzz from the new Smart
I’ve never been a fan of the Smart car, not least because it doesn’t like to be spelt with a capital S. I’ve been a snob about its short, stubby shape for a decade but I’ve just turned 180 degrees and am sold on this electric version – though just this version, I hasten to add.
At long last it’s okay to be seen driving a car that’s attached to a plug, and it’s so of-the-moment that it turns you a pleasant shade of green.
It makes perfect sense if you live in a town peppered with electric recharging posts and if you favour Prada over passengers (it’s got as much room inside as a tumble dryer).
Nobody in or out of the car would suspect that it lacks an internal combustion engine as you hoof it away from the lights, and up to 30mph it doesn’t let the side down.

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I couldn't find an email to send you this link, so I am posting it as a comment. Not sure if it will work or not, and if not you can go straight to and look for the smart story on July 7th. They ran a complete history along with a photo history of the smart. Pretty in depth and worth taking a look at if you are a smart owner or fan.

Well, hope you can use this.