Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Two: Hampshire, IL to Albert Lea, MN

It's the unexpected gems that dazzle you on a road trip. When we get to Taliesin, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, we find that tour tickets are sold out but we enjoy a DVD presentation about the history of the estate in the visitor's centre. We head into the nearby town of Spring Green, Wisconsin and find the Chamber of Commerce and the M & I Bank [pictured here] designed by William Wesley Peters, an associate of Wright's.
At La Crosse, WI, we cross the Mississippi into Minnesota and stay at the Ramada Inn in Albert Lea, MN. Distance covered today - 597 km (371 miles).

smart Alecs:
  • Cook at Gables Restaurant in Richland Center, Wisconsin asked, " Is that you'se guyses little electric thingy out there?"
  • Lady in a Nissan Ultima holds up as sign up to the window that says, "CUTE CAR!" as they pass us on the I90 near exit 166.
Wildlife Watch:
  • we've seen many large birds of prey wheeling in the sky but are not sure whether they are eagles or not
  • baby bunny is nibbling on the grass behind our motel as we pull in to park

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