Friday, July 13, 2007

12th Annual Microcar and Minicar Classic

In its first eleven years, this event has become one of the premiere microcar events, with three micro-tours, a huge eclectic gourmet feed, cruise night and a spectacular farewell breakfast. Last year, over 125 registered guests with 70 unusual microcars and minicars and over 1,000 spectators attended the Lawn Exhibit at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation, in Brookline Massachusetts.
A wide array of really unusual, eccentric microcars and minicars including Isettas, Fiats, Crosleys, Goggomobiles, Messerschmitts, Vespas, Lloyds, NSU Prins', Hondas, Subarus, and others!
Extremely rare and exotic microcars, including a Brutsch Mopetta (in 2000), any number of Messerschmitt Kabinenrollers, a Kleinschnittger F125, a Peel Trident (!), Victoria or a Fuji Cabin.
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