Sunday, April 22, 2007

'Miracle' no one hurt by runaway car

SMART car rolled away in Marks and Spencer’s car park and came to rest against a parked BMW
THE owner of a Smart car, along with passers-by, was baffled by how it had managed to roll down a hill and crash into a BMW - with the handbrake still on. Stephanie Aptaker left the red and black Forfour in the car park behind Marks and Spencer, in Muswell Hill, while she went in to do her shopping. When she came out she was horrified to see that it was no longer where she left it and it had rolled forward into an empty silver BMW parked in front. Both car owners - although annoyed and bewildered - were relieved the car had not run out of control down the steep hill and injured someone. Ms Aptaker, 59, a solicitor, of Hampstead Garden Suburb, had bought the car just two weeks before. She said: "It's not a brand new car." My ticket is from 10.17am. I went in and did my shopping in M&S and I came out of the door. I thought I was seeing things. How could I have parked at such a ridiculous angle? And then I got down and saw what had happened. It had hit the other car. God forbid - the car's rolling, there are plenty of little children around. It's a miracle no one was hurt. In the end it is just bits of metal."Ms Aptaker said the car's handbrake was on. The BMW it smashed into arrived half an hour after she had parked her car, pay and display tickets showed. The driver of the other car said: "All jokes apart, if that hadn't been there it could have been worse.

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