Sunday, April 29, 2007


Designed by Michael Goretzky (involved in the development of Daimler Chrysler's smart automobile), the go-one³ is both a new type of vehicle and a new way of life. For the first time, conservation, frugality and fitness are combined in a way that is actually provocative, engaging and fun! The go-one³ is more than an enclosed bicycle [actually tricycle], it's a "Human Powered Vehicle" [HPV], complete with headlight, back light and turn signals. As an option, the velomobile can be fitted with a 350 Watt electric assist motor.
Why settle for a mundane, 3,000 lb behemoth car or truck (even if it has an electric or hybrid power plant)? What other vehicle can you "recharge" with a sports drink and a power bar? The go-one³ is the next-generation vehicle that you can own and enjoy today while not worrying about where you are going to refuel; slaving after the mass transit schedule; paying for gas and insurance; or, spending a fortune on maintenance and tune-ups. The go-one³ is virtually limitless!

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