Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Smart EV

We admit it, we kinda like the Smart Car in all its forms, which is why we picked up on this piece of news that the Merc-owned company is trialing an electric version of its micro car. The website says:
Think of a fortwo. Then think of an electric socket concealed behind what used to be the fuel cap. Picture the complete absence of exhaust fumes, so no CO2 emissions from the rear. Close your eyes and hear… no sound at all coming from the engine. Imagine no engine oil, no road tax, and no London congestion charge and you’ll start to get a sense of what really makes the new smart ev tick.
Powered solely by electricity, the smart ev can achieve the equivalent of 300 mpg – that amounts to a saving of up to 80% in fuel costs over the already highly economical smart fortwo. The ev can travel up to 71 miles between charges, which typically take around 5 hours – ideal for charging at work between your morning and evening commutes.
Smart Car are leasing their first 200 smart EVs to blue chip companies who are happy to meet Smart's requirements to power the cars using only renewable energy sources. When we say zero emissions, we really mean it!
Top speed: 70 mph!
smart.com - the smart EVView source.

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