Tuesday, July 18, 2006

SMART fortwo EV set to electrify British Motor Show

SMART announced today that it will premiere a new SMART fortwo EV at next week's British Motor Show. Up to 200 of the electric microcars will be built and delivered to the UK, which will serve as the trial market for the "green" vehicle.The fortwo EV has 30-kilowatts of power, which gives it more zip in normal everyday driving than its gasoline-powered sibling. 0-30 mph arrives in 6.5 seconds, and it tops out at 70 mph. Fully charged, it has a 70-mile operating range.If the UK trial is a success, one has to believe that "green vehicle" aficionados here in the US will be clamoring for DaimlerChrysler to import the EV in addition to the conventionally-powered fortwo. Furthermore, because the SMART isn't a wildly bizarre-looking oddity like some of the other pure EVs available today, it's more likely that people who normally wouldn't consider an EV will take a second look at the SMART. This'll be interesting to watch.

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