Friday, July 07, 2006

Indy Mogul in smart move

To smart centre Mississauga to change a headlight bulb. Sales Representative Justin Sookraj tells us that Roger Penske is due at the dealership. Penske, in town for the Toronto Grand Prix, is checking out Toronto area smart dealerships ahead of launching the car in the USA in 2007. I recall seeing Penske racing the Ferrari 250 GTO at Goodwood in the Tourist Trophy in 1963. He has since established a peerless reputation as a team owner with many victories in the Indianapolis 500 and a successful NASCAR team in his stable.

Sadly Penske was a no show in Mississauga. We wish him well with the launch of the smart car in the states. We believe that the launch of a gasoline-engined fortwo in the United States will also see the same car for sale in Canada. Canadian smart dealerships will certainly welcome the availability of the gas-engine smart. What is Penske doing at a Champ Car race? He is believed to be brokering a deal between IRL and Champ Car to reunite open-wheel racing in the states. Bring it on. RLT

For more on the Tourist Trophy 1963 go here.

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