Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Have smart, Will Travel: Part 2

The Toronto Sun, Saturday October 29, 2005
By Rich Helms

Since getting my Smart car on Jan 15, 2005, I have visited 13 states and logged 30,000 km, including trips to Cleveland, Ohio; Long Island, N.Y.; Raleigh, N.C.; and Bentonville, Ark. This mileage over the course of nine months may not seem like a lot to people who commute to Toronto from the suburbs, but I live only minutes from my office.

My first trip was to Cleveland, Ohio. It was a nice day and I had the top down. The plan was to meet a business associate at a particular coffee shop. As I pulled in, a woman in a Ford Excursion did a U-turn on a one-way street, nearly causing an accident, in order to see my car. After parking, she ran over and called out, "Where did you get it? I have a poster of this car on my wall. I want one for when I don't need the Excursion." I almost laughed out loud thinking, when does anyone "need" an Excursion? She brushed her hand across the hood of my car, exclaiming that she had now touched one.

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