Sunday, November 13, 2005

Britain likely to get Mitsubishi iCar first

Britain looks like being the first market in Europe to get Mitsubishi's iCar. Company bosses are keen to launch the car in Europe, and are encouraging UK boss Jim Tyrrell to take 1000 units next year.
Tyrrell is enthusiastic, but wants to take soundings among dealers before he commits. But he believes it could sell at around £ 8995 with a high spec likely to include air-con, cntral locking and maybe even four-wheel drive as an alternative to the standard rear-drive.
The engine, a three-cylinder, inter-cooled and turbocharaged 600cc unit with 63bhp, is so compact that it fits under the rear seat. At the Tokyo motor show the car was viewed as 'The Smart ForFour that should have been', and the front end features some Smart-like styling. The cabin and boot are big enough for families.
There is no word yet on a name for the car in production, but insiders say it'll probably havae a tag more substantial than 'i'.

Source: Autocar, 8 November, 2005

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