Tuesday, April 05, 2005

smartville, Hambach, Lorraine

"Today, smartville shows itself to be a progressive, harmonious and well-structured production park. The buildings surprise through their open architecture, which give(s) and impression of transparency and through their unconventionally cross-shaped formation. An extraordinary internationally understandable direction system, which works with pictograms and colour-coding, helps with orientation in the grounds and halls.

There are no typical(ly) industrial lawns in smartville, but rather natural open fields, ponds and clusters of trees. And this is not simply for the sake of nice appearance. The powder spraying process (Surtema) has earned smartville the 1998 environmental Prize of the ADEME environmental agency (Trophee Environnement). In addition all buildings are free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, CFCs and asbestos. 80% of the facade cladding consists of European fast-growing wood. The fenced area is registered and validated according to the EUI-Eco-audit regulations. smartville is managed by MCC France SAS."

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