Saturday, April 16, 2005

Molly's smart adventures

By all means, blog about it! It is called Arthur - because it's 'alf a car. I haven't ever photographed it, but it's a blue-and-silver Passion. The first one was a blue-and-black Passion, and I shall probably revert to blue-and-black for the next one, which I'll be getting soon - the second one is nearly three years old. I was one of the very first in the south-east to have one; I had it imported from France long before they started producing right-hand drive versions. Oddly enough, having it imported wasn't as expensive as you would think - the total price (including inspection, registration etc.) was pretty well equivalent to the UK price I paid for the second one.It cost a fortune to insure the imported one, though - most insurance firms wouldn't touch it, so I had to go a firm which specialised in imports, and they very much held the whip hand. Naturally, as soon as it reached the age of 3 and I swapped it for a by-then-available UK model, I switched insurers and saved hundreds of pounds.I'm not really sure what else to say about it, other than it needs a good hoovering-out at the moment!

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