Saturday, February 28, 2009

Business smarts 31: City Flitz

Rent some CityFlitz wheels for $1/Day!

Toronto: CityFlitz is the brand-new lifestyle advertising company. We use fleets of fuel-efficient and cool MINI Coopers, MINI Cooper Clubmans, Smart cars, VW Beetles and Toyota Prius as trendy mobile billboards. Advertisers sponsor the car rental rate when we wrap the cars in attention grabbing brand graphics. This is why we can rent out our cars to you for a sensational $1 per Day!


peter f said...

Boo! You have to have a Canadian licence to rent one - puts paid to my budget holiday car rental plans!

Annette said...

I would guess that has something to do with keeping the insurance costs low.

Anonymous said...

This company is a SHAM! They don't answer calls, and they DO NOT return your $350 security deposit.
I have even tried their website and it's closed down.

Anonymous said...

CityFlitz is gone:

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