Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shared company cars are a smart idea

Businesses are starting to offer fuel efficient, communal vehicles as a benefit to employees and the environment
Alyn Edwards, Vancouver SunPublished: Friday, September 19, 2008
When Drew Geldart moved to Vancouver from Edinburgh, one of the most stressful decisions he faced was buying a car. He needed to get a job, find a home and get oriented in his new city. He needed transportation to do it.
He was greatly relieved when he signed on as sales and marketing coordinator for Karo Group -- a top branding agency in Western Canada that shapes brands through advertising, interactive, environments and communications design -- because one of the biggest, and most useful, perks was full use of the company car. Add to this, the car was eco-friendly which fit in with Geldart's environmental philosophy.
Karo Group bought a company Smart car last year. It made sense to have one fuel-efficient car that could be signed out by employees needing transportation for client visits and other purposes. But the company, a Best Workplaces in Canada award winner, went one step further allowing any employee to request the car for personal use.

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Brenna Flynn said...

What a great idea!