Saturday, March 08, 2008

Searching for Delbert McClinton

We're going to Nashville next week - not in our smart car though, we're flying. We hope to find Delbert McClinton and his silver smart.
Currently, there is no smart car dealer in Nashville, the nearest one may be at smart center Knoxville which is 290 km (180 miles) away.

McClinton goes green, has fun with Smart Car


Hollywood has Leonardo DiCaprio to spread the gospel of green living. Here in Music City, we've got Delbert McClinton.
The Grammy-winning bluesman zips around Nashville in a fuel-sipping silver Smart Car. The car's plastic body panels are fully recyclable. Other parts of the micro car's body are made from recycled and renewable material.
The singer-songwriter loves that the Smart Car is kind to the planet and uses far less fuel than his wife's gas-chugging Toyota Sequoia.
But the deal clincher, he said, is that the teeny two-seater is fun to drive and looks sharp.
"It's never short of plenty of power," McClinton said as he whizzed down the winding roads in his Oak Hill neighborhood, pointing out the vehicle's whisper quiet, six-speed transmission. "It feels like a poor man's Porsche."
McClinton thinks he may be the first Smart Car owner in Nashville, although he's heard another one has been spotted.
Source: The Tennessean - By BONNA JOHNSON • Staff Writer • December 16, 2007
Photo by: JAE S. LEE

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