Friday, August 03, 2007

NC Tour - Day 10, Wed 1 Aug, 2007: Bolivar, WV

By the time we stopped at the Comfort Inn in Bolivar, West Virginia, hubby had driven 642 km or 400 miles from Kill Devil Hills, NC, through the state of Virginia. We looked for evidence of the old Moyock speedway, a defunct racetrack from the sixties, as we came off the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The earlier part of the day was spent on the Interstate by-passing Richmond, VA. The drive was not without incident. We got held up in traffic, after stopping for diesel, when a drawbridge over the Albemarle & Chesapeake canal was open. It must be a regular occurrence as the sign outside the Dairy Queen reads, "Stuck at bridge? Come grab a treat from the DQ fridge." We wrong slot at Falmouth and drive cross country to Morrisville where, without hesitation, we duck into M & P Pizza for the $5.50 US lunch special - sandwich on a kaiser, fries and drink. Top place.
After a much needed nap at the hotel, we head up the hill to the Anvil Restaurant for dinner.

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