Friday, January 26, 2007

Councils back CO2 parking permit scheme

Drivers of four-wheel-drives could pay up to four times more than they do now

By Peter Law
TWO north London boroughs are set to link the cost of residents' parking permits to car CO2 emissions. In a UK first, drivers of gas guzzling four-wheel-drives would have to pay far more to park outside their homes.The changes were given the go-ahead by Camden and Haringey councils last night. Richmond, Tower Hamlets and Lambeth councils, all in London, have said they plan to introduce similar schemes.
In Camden, drivers of electric cars will be given parking permits free of charge and will also be given free short-stay parking in pay and display bays.
The council also announced a trial of a number on-street re-charging points for electric cars.
In Haringey, the sliding scale will halve the cost of permits for owners of energy efficient cars, while owners of high-polluting vehicles will pay almost four times as they do currently.
A permit for a Smart car will be just £15, while the owner of a Ford Mondeo or Range Rover will pay £90. The cost of a second permit will also rise substantially in a bid to deter residents from buying multiple cars. Haringey will now begin a 21-day consultation with residents, with a view to implement the scheme in April.

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