Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Smart car runs 340,000 miles in 5 years

By Haje Jan Kamps, 08/11/2005

The iconic car, first registered in 2000, is still running on the original 3-cylinder engine and gearbox. It began its life 5 years ago doing daily trips of almost 200 miles for a German dental laboratory and has since been run by an automotive magazine.
The car’s repair history during its marathon mileage has been unspectacular: the original brakes were changed at 84,000 miles and the clutch at 96,000 miles. All other repairs have been minor and the car is still going strong.
Chris Smith, Car Editor at Glass’s Guide, said: "Facts like these underpin our opinion that the smart fortwo has the best residual value of any of its competitors."
Jeremy Simpson, head of smart in the UK and Ireland, said: "Many people make the assumption that small cars are not particularly durable, however, smart is no ordinary small car because it is engineered by Mercedes-Benz. It has been seven years since the original fortwo was launched in Europe and so it’s no surprise to see stories like this appearing around the world."
The smart fortwo was launched in the UK in October 2000 and there are now more than 37,000 models on British roads.

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