Sunday, June 26, 2005

Trudi draws a crowd

Our return to Toronto after the Micronorth meet was a breeze compared to our drive up to Orillia earlier in the day. We had fun following a flock of Fiat 500s out of town on Highway 11.

"Trudi " provoked many comments and questions at the Street Classics Cruise back in TO. We are quickly becoming adept at answering the standard questions: 1. What's it like on the highway? (we had no problem cruising at 120 kph on the 400 yesterday) 2. What's the fuel economy? ( early for us to be precise but around 65 mpg) 3. Is it electric/hybird? ( only diesel models imported to Canada) and the most difficult question 4. What do you like most about your smartcar? ( it's different, fun to drive, easy to park, environmentally sensible, cheap on fuel...all of the above and more).

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